Website launched to coincide with the exhibition ‘John Goto’s New World Circus’ at Focal Point Gallery 9 September—21 October 2006, and national tour.

Mercer Art Gallery 1 July—3 September 2006
Focal Point Gallery 9 September—21 October 2006
Rugby Art Gallery & Museum 23 January—18 March 2007
Stephen Lawrence Gallery 6 April—5 May 2007
University of Brighton Gallery 9 July—31 August 2007
Ovada Gallery 15 September—3 November 2007

Exhibition tour organised by:
Laura Bowen, Exhibitions & Marketing Assistant, Focal Point Gallery

Accompanying catalogue published and distributed by: Focal Point Gallery 2006
ISBN: 0–9547777–3–5 (buy at
Copyright © the artist and authors 2006

Images: John Goto: 2004/6
Editor: Laura Bowen, Focal Point Gallery
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Exhibition Soundscape: Michael Young
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