By John Goto -

John Goto interviewed about his Fellowship at Kettle's Yard
Recorded in 2008 by Katie Maynard for Kettle's Yard's oral history collection
John Goto in conversation with Jim Ede (1988)
The last interview given by the founder of Kettle's Yard
The Scar (1992)
A photo-roman
Sworn Enemies (1995)
Travels in the Urals
Who is buried in 'Desk Murder'? (1995)
R.B. Kitaj's painting reconsidered
Landscape gardens, narrative painting and 'High Summer' (2004)
influences on 'High Summer'
La Grande Parade at the Grand Palais, Paris (2004)
Exhibition review of 'The Artist as Clown'
Digital Photography and its Detractors (2005)
Why the rear-guard action by the education and art establishments?
A Work in Progress (2005)
Making of 'The Illusionist'
From Powder Paints to Pixels (2006)
An autobiographical sketch
The Digital Past (2006)
Digital technology: towards a synthesis of painting and photography
PCL Days (2007)
An interview

Floodscapes in Korea (2007)
An interview

Is there Power in Critical Art? (2008)
Some thoughts on Satire
Afterword to West End Blues (2010)
Notes on jazz and the origins of the series
Freud Museum - gallery talk (2012)
On staging the exhibition, Augmented Reality & Jelly Roll Morton
Regarding 'Dreams of Jelly Roll' at the Freud Museum, London.
Interview by Chloe Diski for New Associations: Journal of the British Psychoanalytic Council (2012)
An Uncommon Past (2012)
Catalogue to an exhibition curated by John Goto in Chongqing, China
Travels in Augmented Reality (2013), Goto J and Leach M. Scene 1:1, pp63-83, doi:10.1386/scene.1.1.63_1 Intellect Books
Co-written with Matthew Leach, the article covers the AR projects they made together, and reflects on the medium itself
On Staging Dreams of Jelly Roll at the Freud Museum, London (2013) Journal of Psychodynamic Practice, Routledge, DOI:10.1080/14753634.2013.771564
An extended essay about the Freud Museum exhibition.

Art Style (2017)
Some thoughts on the uses of style in contemporary visual art

Jan Svoboda: Meetings and Partings (2020)
John Goto reflects on the man he knew and his work.

By other writers -
A Brief History of the Ghetto of Terezin
by Detlef Muhlberger
Commissar of Space
by Brandon Taylor (concerning Malevich)
Go Wild in the Country
by Elisabeth Mahoney (review of High Summer)
John Goto: Capital Arcade and High Summer
by Robert Clark
Mixed Messages: Disordering Documentary
by Mark Durden (commentary on Gilt City)
Dancing to the Music of the Till: John Goto's Ukadia
by David Campbell and Mark Durden

Welcome to the circus of nightmares
by Tim Teeman (interview concerning New World Circus)
Brave New World?
by Nick Midgely (review of New World Circus)
Photographic Migrants: John Goto’s West End Blues
by Nancy Roth, first published in Vilém Flusser Studies

Photo Copies -
St Martin's School of Art, an new kind of union, 1970
A pamphlet by John Goto, Craigie Horsfield and Andrzej Klimowski
John Goto, Photographs 1971-81

A commentary by Craigie Horsfield
'Terezin' review by Vilem Flusser
European Photography, April 1989
John Goto; The Atomic Yard
A commentary by Craigie Horsfield

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