7 October 1989

A semi-circular piece of jewellery rests on the newspaper text, which reads:
...and the Soviet President added that no one could afford to sit still. 'The danger is for those who don't react to life. Those who grasp the impulses of society and base their policy on them have no reason to fear.'

The foreground is in heavy shadows and the sky darkens above a field of yellow stubble which reaches towards the horizon. The woman stands isolated, head bowed, at the mid point of the frame.

A medieval depiction of a head, lacerated by horizontal cuts, on a deep red ground.

The image is divided symmetrically by a metal cross, the woman's head to the left and the man's to the right. The architecture behind them is breaking down under the weight of the crowd beyond. Above the cross are the figures of Gorbachev and Honecker, together for the 40th year celebrations of Socialism in the GDR. A fragment of paper in Czech, listing places and dates is carried by the wind towards the man, whilst a feather slowly descends by the woman. In the foreground on a rough wooden ledge are an egg, a stone and a meter for measuring light.

...All these people were there, together, in this one place. But others failed to recognise each other now. And there were things about them which were never to be known for certain, whilst others were only to await another opportunity in order to reveal themselves.

Boris Pasternak 'Dr. Zhivago'

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