The Scar
John Goto


Nothing tells memories from ordinary moments; only afterwards do they claim remembrance on account of their scars.

Chris Marker 'La Jetee'


For personal reasons I have decided not to show the ten polyptychs which make up 'The Scar' on the internet, but instead to publish this Photo-Roman. In Soviet cinema the term Kino-Roman referred to a prose version of a film, a kind of screen novel which was often published in cinematic journals before work began on the actual movie. Similarly, the present text was first published in Creative Camera (Dec. 1992) before the series was completed. Each of the pictures in 'The Scar' is titled with a date, and consists of four panels.


Erasmus's transcendentalism led him to promote a shift from concrete visual images to strictly verbal ones... language replaces the plastic arts as the medium of imagination.

Carlos Eire 'War against the Idols'

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