Notebook 10
John Goto

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01_sublime Anish_Kapoor Archibaldo Ashmolean Balthus Cass
Frieze_art Graham_Ellard Hutjpg J_annexation_Korea John_Goto_Skopje Julia
Kapoor_canon Kapoor_train Korea_annexed Korean_patriot Leger Lenin's_tomb
Macadonia_posterjpg Memorial Morton's_house Paris_Photo Pickfords_house Red_Kites
Ronaldo Ronaldo2 Silhoette Skopje Souel_fountain Tito
Tito_memorial art_students art_video art_viewer biker borscht
child_Prison chops city_street communist_statue cornfield couple_tomb
crooked_church debt dog_meat dumbie earthquake everybody
factories fire_sign fish font frued furneture_advert
gallery global_warming h_mountains hotel iconoclasm inst1
inst2 kcar_ad knight's_tomb l_chandaler l_mosque lake
landing leica longdistance_runner m_chicken man man_in_white_suit
marais medievil_craving memorial2 mirror_trick mobile_home model
modern_Skopje mountain movie_poster museum_case museum_of_modern_art n_distorting_mirror
neon_decorations new_mosque nobody nobody2 old_Bazaar_Skopje old_Skopje
old_church old_grave ostume ouverture paris_appartments peaches
photographer photoshop photoshop2 pork porn_window porto
poster_skopje preacher reading reception rememberance resistance
roof sailors second_time shadow sheep_in_line shop_dumbies
shopping_trolley sleeping_rough small_fish someplace spam statue
strange_shop street striper swaledale thistles tomb
tomb_woman tombstone tourist_prison tower_block traditional tripod
tuna two_clouds two_women underpass vegatables voles
wales_tree window_view yorkshire_dales young_boy young_girl z_land

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