The Hat Man
by John Goto

Once upon a time there was an old man who was forbidden by
an evil spirit from leaving his home. He greatly missed traveling
and talking to strangers he met on his journeys. So he decided
to select a different hat each week, which would transport him
in his imagination to a different place and time.

Click on the the hats you think match these imagined places:
Paris 1943
Oregon Trail, Wyoming, 1846
Moscow 1937

Hat-Man-01 Hat-Man-02
Hat-Man-03 Hat-Man-04
Hat-Man-05 Hat-Man-06
Hat-Man-07 Hat-Man-08
Hat-Man-09 Hat-Man-10
Hat-Man-11 Hat-Man-12
Hat-Man-13 Hat-Man-14
Hat-Man-15 Hat-Man-16
Hat-Man-17 Hat-Man-18
Hat-Man-19 Hat-Man-20
Hat-Man-21 Hat-Man-22
Hat-Man-23 Hat-Man-24
Hat-Man-25 Hat-Man-26

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