Django: A Life on the Move
Impromptu, Saint-Germain, 1951

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Django Reinhardt 15

Another musician to visit Django with a proposal at Le Bourget, was the young bebopper Hubert Fol. The prospect of playing with a new generation of forward looking musicians interested Reinhardt sufficiently to dust off his Selmer, and join them at Club Saint-Germain.

Once back on stage Reinhardt soon dispelled any idea the young harboured that he was past it, and showed himself to be a master of the new idiom. Renewed within himself, the work he produced during this last period is amongst the best of his career. The muse had returned. (MD p.252)

Recorded at Club Saint-Germain, Impromptu [P853] is played by Reinhardt’s latest quintet at breakneck speed. Whilst firmly bebop in orientation, the composition’s opening harmonies are reminiscent of Tzigane, the Hungarian music that Django would have heard fellow Manouche playing during his childhood.