Django: A Life on the Move
Undecided, Dover, 1939

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Django Reinhardt 08

On Sunday, 3rd September 1939, the Quintet was resting in London during a UK tour, when sirens began sounding. Stéphane heard Django calling up to his hotel room from the street below that war had just been declared by Britain on Germany. Reinhardt announced that he was off back to Paris and added that unless Grappelli joined him immediately, he would be left behind. The violinist declined, saying that he preferred to stay where he was. That fateful moment marked the end of the Quintet for the duration. (ChD p.98/ MD p.152)

In Paris, Django set about creating a new ensemble, with the talented but inexperienced clarinettist Hubert Rostaing in place of Grappelli. The band stayed together long enough to complete a couple of recording sessions, which included Undecided [DR 3861-1], but dispersed when the Germans invaded.