Remembrance of Family
by John Goto

Family_01 Family_02 Family_03 Family_04
Family_05 Family_06 Family_07 Family_08
Family_09 Family_10 Family_11 Family_12
Family_13 Family_14 Family_15 Family_16

For my sister Bernice (1950-2019), brother John (1947-1947), parents Bernard (1921-1988) and Kay (1921-2012), grandparents Arthur (1892-1966) and Edith (1895-1972), Nana Marion (1885-1958), great-grandparents Charles (1869-1945) and Edith (1868-1921), great-great-grandparents Arthur (1844-1921) and Sarah (1840-1915), and other relatives who appear in these pictures.

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