AR Gilt City  

by John Goto and Matthew Leach

AR Gilt City is an interactive Augmented Reality artwork made in responce to the banking crisis.

Located around the statue of Wellington outside the Bank of England, AR Gilt City explores viewers' responses to a group of significant outsiders superimposed on the locale. As each figure appears the player is given a choice of offering money or zapping the street person!

The best way of experiencing this project is firsthand by downloading the free Layar app to your smartphone, and taking the tube to Bank. Launch Layar and enter the search term 'Gilt City' - the rest depends on your allegiances! Above is a video shot through an iPhone which gives an approximation of the experience.

Goto and Leach also kept an online blog whilst developing this artwork, which can be read here.

AR Hype
Blog screenshot

This project forms part of Digital Hybridity: An Online Arts Project organised by D-MARC Digital and Material Arts Research Centre at the University of Derby. Goto and Leach are Layar Pioneers, helping develop new creative content for the Layar application.

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